Mini cupcakes

$1.25each or $10 for a preset box of 10

To share or not to share....The most important question when it comes to Mini Cupcakes


$25/ box of 12

If you love our cakes, then you'll love them even more in a handheld size!
All of our delicious cake flavours are available as delicious cupcakes!

Available flavours:

red velvet, mars bar, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate macaroon, smores, raspberry lemonade, strawberry funnel cake, vanilla sundae, bananascotch, cookies and cream, caramel corn, chocolate mint and cotton candy.

Special Event Cupcakes


Looking for a cupcake with a little pizazz? These beauties will add an extra "Wow!' factor to the dessert table.

Minimum orders of one dozen cupcakes.

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